• PicColor
    Employ the various Picitup API functions to sort items on your site by color, similarity and catalog product type


  • Picitup API
    Bridge the gap between online & offline shopping with visual product search


  • Picliq
    Take a photo of any product and find it online


  • PicCommerce
    Add color search and similarity search to your eCommerce store with no programming

Picitup Labs

  • PicColor demo
    PicColor for eCommerce sites - the new way for your shoppers to search for products



  • SpiderPic
    Price-comparison search engine for Stock Photography

" A picture is worth a thousand words "

-- Confucius

Coming Soon: PicCommerce

Unlike any other visual search add-on or plugin available today, the PicCommerce suite is not only technically superior to others, but also comes from an experienced and responsive team and is packed with multiple customization, indexing and search features, and we’re adding more all the time!


What is PicCommerce?

With PicCommerce, shoppers who view any product in your eStore can enjoy a shopping experience similar to real-life shopping use cases:

* Easily browse similar products with different colors

* Browse products with matching colors

* Search for color combinations



Sneak Peek!

Here is a sneak peek of the new toolbar/widget designs we are working on.
Sign Up today and you will be given the chance to see a live demo of the PicCommerce toolbar!

search box designs

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Picitup is certainly fun and easy to use. The filtering options do help tremendously to find what you’re looking for. It’s better than what Google currently offers and visually more interesting.