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" A picture is worth a thousand words "

-- Confucius


Finding and choosing the right color has become one of the most challenging tasks for the ecommerce world. With multicolor images, its just not possible to text tag colors. Picolor is the first automated and accurate color extraction solution designed to extract all relevant colors from a regular image.

Our unique solution is focused on providing a fully automated platform that serves customers on your site and enables them to search by a single color or by multiple colors, and find exactly what they are looking for.


The Picitup Edge

Though the process looks simple, Picitup is the first to present a working solution that outperforms the alternatives:

Automation- No manual input is needed

Accuracy- Our cutting edge object separation and color assessment technologies deliver superior accuracy when compared to any other commercial product

Ultra Quick Deployment- Adding the new feature to your site requires almost no effort

MultiColor- Our system allows multicolor search; Your users can choose any color combination


How does it work?

Picitup process your stream of images, carefully separates the main object from its background, and accurately extracts its color.


Then, when a user clicks on the color palette, only products of the selected color are presented.



Business Benefits

Improve findability on your site. This has a direct impact on conversion rates and results in a much higher ROI. The improved findability also improves the engagement metrics on your site, eventually creating organic repeated visitation, and can be measured with higher NPS (net promoted score - how many of your users will most likely recommend your site to their friends).



Planning For 2013 ?

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Picitup is certainly fun and easy to use. The filtering options do help tremendously to find what you’re looking for. It’s better than what Google currently offers and visually more interesting.